Psychic - Medium - Clairvoyant Catherine

phone readings available call 0407258671 and book a time.

During this global emergency we all need a little comfort

30 minute reading over the phone $50

I will reduce the fee if you’re struggling financially during this time.

Using my natural gifts I will guide you into a place of understanding.  The Tarot is my main tool and I use it to give clarity of my clairvoyant and mediumship skills.

 My readings go for up to one hour. Tantric numerology is also used to help you to identify with your soul,destiny and karmic journey here on earth.

give me a call on 0407258671 to book in.

Namaste Catherine 

A sitting with Catherine will help you understand the past, enables you to live in the present and helps you to grow into the future with confidence.

Just trust and find direction.


$75 for one hour.

phone 0407258671